Dear Camper,
The lacrosse landscape has been evolving recently in a way that no one could have predicted.  Lacrosse has been sprouting up in areas no one would have ever imagined, and players are starting to get more and more into the game at a younger age.
This notion has been the driving force for behind the creation of First Look Lacrosse.  The main focus of First Look is to have younger players coached by and exposed to some of the top college coaches in the country.  Players will have the chance to learn from some of the best teachers in the game today.  They will also have the chance to play in front of them and show the coaches what they are made of.

First Look will follow two different models.  The first is our Developmental Camp.  The Devel Camp is a hybrid instructional and exposure camp that will have some of the most noted lacrosse educators in the game today teaching lacrosse skills to players from graduation years 2021-2019. 


The second is our Tri-State Elite Camp.  This portion is open to players from 2017-2018.  These players will follow a rigid plan that will incorporate all aspects of a college-type player’s experience.  Players will be separated by age and placed into teams.  There will only be four teams per age group to maximize exposure to instruction by the college coaches.  Players will play two hours of games per night against teams comprised of players in the same grade, and a one hour chalk talk and classroom style teaching session presented by some of the top college coaches in the game today.

Unfortunately, First Look is not for everyone.  Participants for both the Devel Camp (grad years 2021-2019) and the Tri-State Elite Camp (grad years 2017 and 2018) must be recommended to attend.  Applicants will have to list references and go through a selection process that will limit the attendees to 20 attack, 32 midfielders, 20 defense and 8 goaltenders per grade.  We look forward to seeing you this summer and for you to get your FIRST LOOK.
Best Regards,

Sal Locascio & Nicky Polanco

Directors, First Look Lacrosse Tri-State Elite




Seth Tierney & Matt Danowski

Director, First Look Lacrosse Developmental Camp